Jacob M

Doing work experiences was my favourite aspect of the course, and boy did I do a lot of them. But honestly, getting the chance to do things like runways, photoshoots and more was so exciting and taught me a ton about being an actual makeup artist.

I had such an incredible time over the past year, and all the trainers from Cat, to Pablo, Teneille, Miriam, Hailey, Beth, Christian, the hair extension lady we freaked out with the ghost, and of course Cam herself have guided me and helped me so significantly that I cannot even begin to imagine how I would be where I am without them. So overall, I would say that I most certainly have grown a great deal as an artist over the course of the past year. I came from a very narrow mindview of what makeup is and what it can look like, and I’m proud to say that I’ve learnt so much and I owe such an enormous debt to Cameron for nurturing not just myself but all of us so (to Cameron) thankyou.