Cameron Jane

Director / Principal of Cameron-Jane Make-up Academy

Cameron Jane Thomas is an experienced make-up artist and trainer specialising in film, fashion and airbrushing, who has been actively involved in the film and entertainment industry for over fourteen years. Cameron has achieved industry acclaimed status for her airbrushing work at Sydney and Melbourne fashion weeks working with the great Dotti and Rae Morris. Cameron worked as head of make-up department on the feature film “The Bet” starring Mathew Newton and Sybilla Budd. “The Bet” has been released and received 3½ stars. Sybilla Budd was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 2007 AFI Awards. To view the trailer of “The Bet” Visit Other films include "Can I call you” (can be viewed on You Tube) and “Three Blind Mice” directed by Matthew Newton, "Bad Bush' Staring Chris Sandrinna & Viva Bianca, "Schadenfreudes" Staring Miranda Otto, Barry Otto, Di Smith, Gracie Otto and many more well known Australian Actors, directed by Peter O’Brien. Cameron has worked on numerous TV commercials as well as working on Rescue Special Ops broadcast on Channel 9.




After recognising an opportunity to improve the standard of graduates into the make-up industry she founded Cameron Jane Make-up Academy (CJMA). Cameron’s approach of “Industry Knowledge, Versatility in Training and Creativity in Application” ensures that all trainers are professional make-up artists currently working in the industry. Each artist teaches in their area of expertise to enable the individual success of CJMA students.

Cameron’s dedication and determination is evident in the standard of training she and her team provide and is also show in the extra curricular opportunities she provides for her students, in particular Model photographic day shoots and specialized industry development days.

Cameron ensures she builds a personal relationship with each and every student, nurturing and promoting their talents in their specialized areas. Just one conversation with Cameron will prove her passion for the industry and the success of her students.


Is what sets CJMA apart from everyone else. Cameron’s reputation in the industry means we constantly have professional Makeup Artists, Photographers and Agencies contacting us when they are in need of assistance. Who do we get to help? Our students of course!


Is hugely important at CJMA. Because of our chosen training methods by having the different industry trainers, it will teach our students how to become their own artist with their own style and technique.


It will teach the students to think outside the box when it comes to creativity. This is how our students STAND OUT from the crowd when embarking on their own journey within the industry.


Gracie Otto

Di Smith

Miranda Otto

Barry Otto

Viva Bianca

Chris Sandrinna

Daryl Eastlakes

Matthew Newton

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Jeremy Lindsay Taylor

Sam Riley

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Anthony Ackroyd

Su Cruickshank

Adam Spencer

Human Nature Dancers

The Arias

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Vincent Ball

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Paul Gleeson Fashion Week 2003

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