Notes Of


Hi Cameron,

A huge thank you for sending your students over for the FDS shows.

I must say that your students were outstanding. Super professional, took on instructions, worked really well as a team and did beautiful work across a broad range of models. They are a credit to your school and I’d be happy to engage them in future.

The students ALL spoke very highly of your school and the trainers and what you are producing in the future of makeup artists is excellent.

Thanks again.


HUGE thank you to all the beautiful energy and asssistance you 3 brought to the project yesterday.

You OBVIOUSLY have all had AMAZING instruction and I am SO HAPPY i reached out to the school for help yesterday. I couldn’t have done it the same without you ladies and your attentive and enthusiastic helping hands and spirits. I am forever grateful.

Thank you Cameron for creating a school that is so next level. I can’t wait to come visit and share knowledge with more of your students some day.

Ashley Joy Beck
Makeup Artist

Dear Jodie,
The Fashion Runway went very well.

It’s always a pleasure to work with you and your students….. Each time you have all been so professional and easy to work with…and show a real appreciation of the work of our Design students and their Hair and make-up requests.
Could you please pass on our sincere thanks to all your students who participated in the event….they contribute so much to its success.

Connie Hart – Sydney Campus Manager
Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia

I can not be more impressed and grateful with the level of energy, communication,  professionalism, friendliness, expertise and skill that these 18 girls provided to the NSW premiere of Disney’s Tarzan.  There is no way we would have staged this production without them. This phenomenal standard of young women was not unnoticed by anyone on our crew and cast.

Chrissy Stimson – President SYMT

Just a quick note to say a massive thank you for being my makeup and hair rock stars!! U rised up and did an amazing job everyone’s so happy with our work and how it all looked! So well done to u for being such hard workers and creating magic!

Liz Sharp

Just wanted to say a huge Thankyou again for helping me out with the Intimo Show.

You were all very efficient with the short amount of time we had, couldn’t have done it without you all. Keep up the amazing work!

Teneille Sorgiovanni

Many thanks to Cameron Jane for supplying the attending students their help was invaluable, I hope that they all came away with something.

Tracey – TEDX

I had the pleasure of working with students from CJMA on a community theatre project I was involved in. Not only were they punctual and professional, they took direction well, showed initiative and produced a very high standard of work. Their contribution to the project gave the show a professional look and was a huge confidence boost to the cast.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with CJMA students again and wish them all the best for their careers in the makeup industry.

Clark Sheedy

Regina was a serious gem to have on set  and we’d love to use her again, hopefully paid! She was just so ontop of everything, really professional and I loved her style. She took super well to direction and responded so well to the brief! Thanks again for putting her in touch with me!

Brooke – 3rd Space

We had a pretty disorganised and rushed shoot set up for a new blog we are creating. Thankfully we had Alyce and Darlly from Cameron Jane offer their time to come help. They were so easy to deal with – funny, personable and skilled at fulfilling the brief we provided. The girls even stepped up and held a baby and wiped away the inevitable baby vomit so that the photographer and ‘talent’ could stay focused and clean!

One of the girls being shot was too scared to trust student make up artists with her face but after seeing them work and seeing their results has said next time she will request the girls specifically to help ‘beat her face’. Such a great find. We couldn’t have done this shoot without the girls.

Mai Kanhukamwe