Jacob M

Doing work experiences was my favourite aspect of the course, and boy did I do a lot of them. But honestly, getting the chance to do things like runways, photoshoots and more was so exciting and taught me a ton about being an actual makeup artist.

I had such an incredible time over the past year, and all the trainers from Cat, to Pablo, Teneille, Miriam, Hailey, Beth, Christian, the hair extension lady we freaked out with the ghost, and of course Cam herself have guided me and helped me so significantly that I cannot even begin to imagine how I would be where I am without them. So overall, I would say that I most certainly have grown a great deal as an artist over the course of the past year. I came from a very narrow mindview of what makeup is and what it can look like, and I’m proud to say that I’ve learnt so much and I owe such an enormous debt to Cameron for nurturing not just myself but all of us so (to Cameron) thankyou.

Alessandra M

It may not be obvious to some but I can see a large improvement in my skills and creativity. It is so fun to look back and see how far I’ve come. I remember looking at my work at the beginning of the year thinking that was the best I was going to get. I can see how my confidence has grown throughout the photos. I am a lot more sure of myself and confident to push the boundaries.

For one of our assignments we had the opportunity to work as a team to come up with a makeup look for a mock photoshoot for Laud Magazine. I think it represents myself as an artist because I got to explore my creative side and push myself out of my comfort zone. It was a good opportunity to bounce ideas of another person and explore new ideas. I combined clean makeup with splashes of colour which is how I see myself as an artist. Perfect balance of harmony and chaos.

The trainers at Cameron Jane Makeup Design gave me so much insight into the world of makeup. Their depth of knowledge and experience was really helpful and they were always very happy to talk us through anything and everything in order to help us achieve our goals. Jordan Lee end of year presentation assignment T

Elisa F

My name is Elisa Fonseca and I have graduated from Cameron Jane Make-up Design July 2017.
What can I say about my experience? It was LIFE CHANGING! Thanks to my hard work and to the academy now I am able to do what I love full time!

From the first time I met Cam I knew she would be the best person to mentor and guide me in this Journey. I fell in love with Cam because of her passion. Her passion to help and educate her students, to help them grow and to provide them with the best training, work opportunities and support. That’s what you’re looking for when choosing where to study.

At CJMD the teaching method is great! Very ‘hands on’! With every lesson we get to learn the technique, practice on each other and get feedback from our trainers. Cam always makes sure we get honest and helpful feedback which is so helpful for our personal and professional growth.

Speaking of training, we have some of the best trainers at CJMD. Every single one of them is very experienced, currently working and well established in the industry. Each trainer has a different style and work in different fields in the beauty industry ( eg fashion, tv/film, bridal, theatre, etc) bringing to class a diverse set of skills. It was very inspiring learning their technique but also more about their stories. Our trainers were always open to have conversations about their experience and give us their best advice including Cameron herself being available not only at the academy but also outside even after graduation.

One of my favourite things about CJMD is work experience! There are just a lot of opportunities, some of the best in comparison to other makeup schools. I graduated with 700+ hours of work experience , assisting jobs and paid work some of them being Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, X- Factor Australia, AACTA Awards, Cosmo Australia, John Frieda, SportsGirl, Telstra, Michael Hill, Aveda, CEO Awards Night, Commonwealth Awards, O e Fine Day, Bridal Expo, Hair Expo, Premiers Gala Concert, IFBB Australia, Channel 9, Schick, IMATS, Pacha Sydney, Whitehouse Fashion Show, Sydney Dance Company, Uber, INXS 40th Anniversary Celebration, Merivale Awards Night, Whitehouse In Colour, short film “First Day” for ABC, the Dolan Warren Awards, music video ‘Ain’t your Girl’ for Beats ( semi-finalist on X-Factor) and many more…

I have also graduated with a published work on Lita Magazine and can’t stress how important this was to my career. My first advertising job was even before I finished my Diploma, it was a photoshoot for Polasports Eyewear in collaboration with Beau Ryan, who helped them launch their new collection. This all shows that with passion, hard work , knowledge and support from CJMD nothing can stop you to be nothing but brilliant !

I consider myself already very successful as a full time freelancer Makeup-Artist, I have my own bridal business that keeps me very busy, but also currently working in the Fashion Industry with many amazing creatives and brands such as Glue, JD Sports and Kappa. Slowly but surely I am becoming the best Makeup- Artist I can be and I am excited to see what the future holds for me.

Big thanks to Cameron and all my amazing trainers! You all played an important part in my journey and success.

Marija M

I am so glad that I took the plunge and followed my dream of getting into make-up.

The 5 week Bridal course is a great introduction for anyone wanting to test the waters. The course covered must know theory from skin types, face shapes and colour theory as well as techniques, tips and tricks that come in handy when applying make-up on others.

The teachers were all experienced and provided insight into all areas of the makeup industry, not just bridal, not to mention they had some great product recommendations.

The class itself was manageable alongside a 9 to 5 office job, and was filled with like-minded people who supported and encouraged each other.

If you put in the work you do get a lot out of the 5 weeks, keeping in contact with students and teachers has also meant that I have gained some real life experience since completing the course.

“Since starting my studies at CJMA I’ve been impressed by the effort staff make to get you experience in the industry. They make sure promises made to you at course commencement are delivered.” “Cameron provides her students with the best. Through work experience, students are exposed to industry standards, and they have the opportunity to learn from different people in various fields of the industry,build their own confidence and gain the experience needed to become a good makeup artist. The trainers are very talented and well known make up artists working in the industry. They not only provide students with the knowledge needed to make it as a makeup artist, but also inspire student and help them to achieve the best they can and realise their own potential. CJMA has been a fantastic experience. I’d like to thank Cameron and all the trainers and staff for teaching us the skills needed to become a makeup artist and allowing us to assist them, and also helping many of us get jobs in the industry. Thank you a for a fun and exciting year and for all your support”

Yasmin O

“My experience with Cameron- Jane make-up Academy has exceeded all my expectations of the necessary training and support needed for me to build a career. This course has allowed me to increase my skills and knowledge to above industry standard. The course delivers a very wide and diverse range of subjects and industry experts that has allowed me to broaden my understanding of the industry, increasing my confidence. Preparing me for my successful career.”

Emma M

“Since starting this course, I have noticed a positive change in myself. It has brought so many exciting options and career paths for me to discover, and I have met some really great people. The trainers are fantastic and a real inspiration

Chloe T

“When I attended the open day the first thing I noticed about Cameron was her passion and enthusiasm. She loves what she does! She is committed to ensuring you have every opportunity to succeed. This is shown through everything including the amazing trainers offered, our hand chosen kits and the industry work experience that is sourced and offered to us. There can be no better place to train as a make-up artist!

Michelle L

“Cameron gives out 110% to ensure student succeed in the make up industry with great success by exposing them to variety type of work experience, industry networking, high teaching standard and professional make up artists. Students working in the industry as a professional make up artist after they completed the course in no time because of her endless effort. … You Rock Cameron!!!

Mel D

“Cameron doesn’t just lend her name to a teaching facility, she takes an active day to day involvement and personal commitment toward creating a rich learning environment with great facilities. She has sourced some of the most talented and passionate Artists, who share their knowledge with the students and nurture them within an otherwise competitive industry. The facilities at the College are excellent, as are the opportunities for work experience, networking and career advancement beyond the course”

Amber C

Hi Cam, I just wanted to shoot you a quick thank you for all that you taught me as I’ve been a bit reflective heading into what I feel is the next step in my make-up life. Your frank feedback, good instructors and work experience helped me with the skills that have helped me to transition into a film career. Last week I was booked as the Key Make-up Assistant for the feature film The 9th Life of Louis Drax for the duration of its production. I’m super excited because two of the main actors are Aaron Paul and Jamie Dornan. I also just finished up on a series for the CBC, day-called for a show that will air on the Sci-fi network and have worked in a webseries that was nominated for an award. I just wanted to let you know how much I value your place in my evolution! Cheers!

Job Placement


Cameron not only delivers top quality training to her students by securing trainers with years of industry experience, she also understands the importance of students wishing to secure jobs whilst at college or upon graduation.Cameron delivers training on industry skills and industry knowledge to help students get where they want to be in their careers and guides them along the way with their journey.With industry support from M.A.C, Estee Lauder Companies and David Jones, many of the students that study find that with their determination, high quality training, drive and passion for make-up as well as our close affiliation with these brands, many of the students secure jobs whilst studying and upon graduating as these brands believe our students are of the highest quality. This is one of the many reasons why they chose to do their hiring though CJMA.

Mecca Maxima & Mecca Cosmetica = 24 students/graduates
M.A.C Cosmetics = 25 students/graduates
Sephora = 4 students/graduates
Yves Saint Laurent = 4 students/graduates
David Jones Beauty Consultant = 4 students/graduates
Laura Mercier = 1 students/graduates
Benefit Cosmetics = 2 students/graduates
Tom Ford = 1 students/graduates
Chanel = 1 students/graduates
Estee Lauder = 2 students/graduates
Lancome = 2 students/graduates
Bobbi Brown = 2 students/graduates
Priceline = 3 students/graduates